About Me

I’ve had a few projects hanging around, but nothing worth tooting my own horn about it (I’m still not sure I have anything to toot about). I have eventually come to the realization, that I do know more than I think. Maybe I’m just having trouble remembering it, because of everything else I’m learning.

The first time I was in school, we used flash cards to write things down so we could do drills and check that what we were learning was actually entering our memory. So because of that, I’ve started writing down the things I keep looking at so I know where they are. And now they’re here. The Code Snippets category is a collection of my digital flash cards. As long as I remember to keep adding snippets when I need them.

I am a re-entry student attending Southern New Hampshire University, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Software Engineering.

Currently on pause while finding new employment; six terms remaining.

Weather in Charlotte, NC